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About Omega Foundation

The roots of Omega Foundation (OF) come from a Self Help Group that was setup in 1997 as an intervention to the plight of rising HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya and to support the victims of the epidemic.

It transitioned to a registered Kenyan NGO in 2001. Since then, OF has vast experience in implementing comprehensive social care and support programs related to HIV in West Kenya.

Western Kenya is a region with the highest HIV prevalence and with gravest poverty levels in Kenya.  This complex mix  of poverty, HIV/AIDS and societal stigma has led to a large number orphans and increased vulnerability of children and women. OF advocates against harmful cultural practices that infringe on rights of People Living with HIV (PLWH), Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC), widows and persons with special needs.

To find out more about the programs and activities OF implements and delivers, please have a look at the What We Do section.

Estimated Adult HIV Prevalence by County in Kenya

Strategic Map of Omega Foundation

Strategic Area 1: Health                                                                                                

To improve health and well- being of communities by reducing the impacts of HIV and TB, improving nutrition, maternal and neonatal health.


Strategic Area 2: Education                                                                                           

To empower children and youth through quality education and training support.

Strategic Area 3: Livelihoods                                                                                        

 To improve livelihoods through unlocking of economic opportunities.



Strategic Area 4: Water and Sanitation                                                                        

To reduce waterborne and sanitation-related diseases through the promotion of hygiene and the provision of water services.

Strategic Area 5: Capacity Development                                                                      

To develop an agile institutional framework of systems, structures and accountabilities that deliver on the mission of OF and her implementing partners.

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